Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What's going on with E-Mate 2011. Check it out

On Sunday 24th April 2011 was the centenary anniversary of National Tsing Hua University. NTHU International volunteer from Ghana, Tanzania, Nepal, Indonesia sold some souvernirs for the fundraising.

5th generation of E-Mate sold some Indonesian cuisine such as fried noodles, chilly sauces, snacks and lychee beverages. All of the food was fresh prepared by Taiwanese Students. Two thumbs up for E-Mate

E-Mate team had group discussion and bahasa course weekly. Honda Gan is the teacher for the Bahasa course. He is a cute boy from Malaysia and had joined E-Mate to Aceh for 3 times.

Recently E-Mate volunteer is discussing their program, mission, schedule and the challenges.

New challenges for E-MAte is Ramadhan/ fasting month for Muslim. This could be interesting experiences and new learning for E-Mate, they can observe Muslim in Indonesia pass the fastings and lifehabits.

With "Go green " as E-Mate tagline this year. They will establish recycle station in Sabang and donate dustbins. Instead of doing recycle process, E-Mate will do sweeping around Unsyiah's campus and Sabang city. E-Mate hopes this can be the example for Acehnese people and can attract the mass media. This year, E-MAte will also visit Blangkejeren to make video about Coffee and Gayonese cultures

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Amazing Forum and sharing from Tanzania, Indonesia, Ghana and Nepal

NTHU Overseas Service Learning Program 2011 Review & Prospect Forum
On Sunday (1st May) National Tsing-Hua University hold Overseas Service Learning Program 2011 review & prospect forum which is one of the series activities of CENTENARY CELEBRATION. NTHU invite the local cooperators from 4 international volunteer groups (Nepal, Indonesia, Ghana, and Tanzania) to celebrate the centenary of NTHU together.

The purpose is to give thanks to the cooperators for their kind assistances over the past four years and review the voluntary projects over the past four years with students and foreign partners.

The interaction between students and local cooperators was really enthusiastic. The most interesting question is " which one you prefer if we simply donate all the money to the volunteering country or send the students to serve in your county? " Tanzania cooperators said "send the money to our country is useless, it is better if NTHU students can come to Tanzania and bring the people knowledge, experiences, volunteering experiences and this will teach people the capacity to find their own money"

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Indonesian Culture Exhibiton 2011

Indonesian Culture Exhibition 2011 was held from March 10 th – 11th, 2011 at the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taipei.

The event was organized by Indonesian Student Association at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology ." We want to promote Indonesian Culture to Taiwanese and experience the diversity “said Citra, President of NTUST-ISA. Staged annually, The Exhibition was once again a great success and more exciting, educative and diverse than ever before. More than 1000 visitors attended the fair.

Bamboo Community University Association ( BCUA) as one of Co-Host of the Event presented African Drum performance. Aiming to give visitors cross culture experiences and attract many visitors from different ages. "Even just a short show but visitors can learn how to play a simple song and feel the exciting beats and rhythms of the African Drums" said Nick Lee, BCUA project manager.

BCUA started a strong partnership with Indonesian NGOs and Universities after Aceh Tsunami in 2004. We recruit volunteers from National Chiao Tung University known as I-DO Volunteer Team and National Tsing Hua University known as E-Mate Volunteer Teamto serve in Indonesia. E-Mate team which will go to Aceh this summer 2011 for volunteer project focus on ICT development, Gayonese Culture and Fair Trade Coffee also came to the Exhibition to know more about Indonesia and meet Acehnese student in NTUST. While I-DO which focus on Indonesia rain forest and Orangutan conservation came to the Event for fundraising and try to promote their project in Indonesia.

Traditional dishes, games, cultural wedding dressings and wood cravings as well as household utilities and ornaments were presented in different features. The cultural folk dance accompanying the opening and closing ceremony brought memories for many visitors.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

5th E-Mate International Volunteer

E-Mate is long term volunteer project between BCUA and NTHU .First E-Mate started in 2007 and now the 5th project is still going on .E-Mate volunteer is focusing on Aceh, northern Sumatra Island of Indonesia. After devastating Tsunami and 9.0 magnitude earthquake hit Aceh in 2004 .

In summer 2011, There are 9 new volunteers from National Tsing Hua University ,
a leading technological university in Taiwan will hold 5th E-Mate workshop. NTHU will also invite 2 representatives from Aceh to Taiwan in the end of April 2011. The main purpose is to strengthen the relationships , experience sharing of E-Mate contribution on Aceh ,and expertise development

The workshop contains 3 sections . 1st is IT section in which implement free software to local university students and teachers such as Ubuntu , Open office ,GIMP , Google earth . 2nd is Environmental section focus on waste management in Takengon, Central Aceh. 3rd is Culture and innovation section focus on Digital archieve learning which is Gayo traditional performance and Acehness coffee bean fieldtrip.

Check it out 2010 E-Mate volunteer

Local Community Development

Meeting on 香山project picture

It’s almost 3 weeks I have been working in BCUA starting from 28dec 2010 . Many new things happen around luckily I can easily adapt to my working environment of course with support from colleagues. 3 weeks pass superb fast !! On Monday , 10 Jan 2011 we had meeting in香山church , Hsinchu . The Keynote speech was given by Synic Mj. Her presentation gives description of BCUA New Project focusing on香山Community Development .

One of Taiwan indigenous people , Naluwan Amis Tribe (那魯彎) who lives in XiangShan area (香山) is facing culture changes and environmental pollution issues . Is it fair thatHsinchu Science Park which is now one of the world's most significant areas for semiconductor manufacturing has enjoyed the fastest growing economic profit while the indigenous people have suffered from various forms of pollution ?

Most of the Industrial waste will end up in the river and waterland (
香山溼地) where the Amis lives.The Amis are primarily fishermen due to their coastal location . “ Past industrial pollution data and research paper about (Xiang Shan waterland)香山溼地will be valuable to move forward “ said Prof Lee from Humanity and Social Science department in National Tsing Hua University

I strongly believe that the damage that will occur in certain areas will have an impact not only to the local community, but Taiwan as a whole, because that is the law of nature. People in big cities in Taiwan, should be able to see this as a threat that can suppress the identity of Taiwan. It is clear that present generations is forgetting that what now exists is borrowing from future generations

We hope that this program will open the eyes of the Taiwan government and see the strengths and efforts of local communities in protecting their assets, develop the understanding that the indigenous people of Taiwan for the sake of future generations in Taiwan too .

Look at the beauty of Amis indigenous


Monday, January 10, 2011

Another story of Synic Mj

Another story of Synic Mj , The Vice Director Of BCUA who has been working in NGO for 11 years and actively engage in relevant field such as E-Mate volunteer team , environmental issues and community development program . In October 2010 , Synic got the opportunity from MOFA Taiwan to do internship in Sumatran Orangutan Society (SOS) in England

Helen Buckland (Left ) , Synic Mj (Right)
Synic was impressed a lot by the lovely Bruce - 8 years old rescued dog

The most special point that Synic found out from SOS was that their operation expense is mostly generated from fundraising and sponsorship . For instance 2010 Elephant Parade
which was the biggest public art exhibition ever to be staged in London , to raise funds for the conservation of Asian elephants. Orangutans and elephants face the same fate from the destruction of the Sumatran rainforest

Indeed , I was impressed by audience’s enthusiasm and curiosity during 90 minutes Synic’s experience sharing . She also found that Taiwan also has successfully raise fund for disabled people . You can see almost every corner of Taiwan convenience store provides charity box to help disabled people . In the future , Synic hope that Taiwan can also raise fundraising program to save endangered species .

Here are some debatable questions from audience
1. Does this fundraising program pays off ? Do Indonesian local government really cares about this conservation projects issues ?
2. How can SOS successfully raise public awareness of the endangered species threats and assure the local society that this fund go to the right place ?

I must say this program is worth going !! Can you imagine what happens if rainforest gone? You no longer can smell the fresh oxygen. My opinion on 2nd question is : you must have good public awareness power , you can use media mass to make your voice heard. Make society aware of the power they have to make a difference. what we can do to take action on the issue.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Volunteer has no boundary

National Chiao Tung University Service Learning Center offers two international volunteer program to Indonesia and India which will take place in summer 2011. Are you mentally and emotionally ready to challenge yourself in this volunteer program ?

No reason to miss it !!!!
The registration deadline : Jan 28 2011 (Friday )

International Volunteer Preparation
Collaboration and expertise sharing is essential step in training period .Both Team can :
1. Working together in one team
2. Cooperate in Basic Volunteer Training
3. Naluwan Aboriginal Workshop
4. Social learning and community development program
5. Experience sharing from previous volunteer: I-DO , E-Mate , Ghana Team

NCTU Indonesia Volunteer ( I-DO )
Are u ready for the Next I-DO ?
Indonesia Volunteer program is on its second year. The 1st volunteer took place 15 July -29 July 2010 which 12 volunteers from NCTU held a camp in Bukit Lawang, Indonesia. The name of the camp is I-DO CAMP which merges Information , Digital and Orangutan . We hope to empower the local community to use technology to further ecotourism. Sustainable tourism is crucial to the wellbeing of the local ecosystem and community, providing an alternative to unsustainable logging and palm oil plantations.

The first Indonesian Volunteer program ran successful under the collaboration of BCUA , OIC and NCTU. Meanwhile The second volunteer program to Indonesia is mainly focus on ecotourism promotion , renewable energy program , community empowerment . It's particularly important in Bukit Lawang because many of Sumatra’s critically endangered orangutans live here, including some that have been rehabilitated and returned to the wild. The park forms part of Gunung Leuser National Park, recognized by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve and World Heritage Site, which holds the dubious nickname of “Last Stand of the Orangutan.”

Check it out what they said about Volunteering

NCTU India Volunteer
What can volunteer do for Jamyang School Ladakh ,India ?

India is the new international program and focus more on education and environmental improvement. It’s located in Jamyang School Ladakh , India . Jamyang school is remote area in Himalayan areas. All admitted children come from the poorest families of the villages with predominantly difficult family backgrounds: divorced family , orphan , unemployment family and society who live in poverty.
After completi
ng their studies, these women will serve as teachers, health care workers, community workers, and mentors to others. They will create similar study programs in their homelands and other needy areas. They will be able to help their people and help revitalize their special cultural heritage.