Sunday, January 16, 2011

5th E-Mate International Volunteer

E-Mate is long term volunteer project between BCUA and NTHU .First E-Mate started in 2007 and now the 5th project is still going on .E-Mate volunteer is focusing on Aceh, northern Sumatra Island of Indonesia. After devastating Tsunami and 9.0 magnitude earthquake hit Aceh in 2004 .

In summer 2011, There are 9 new volunteers from National Tsing Hua University ,
a leading technological university in Taiwan will hold 5th E-Mate workshop. NTHU will also invite 2 representatives from Aceh to Taiwan in the end of April 2011. The main purpose is to strengthen the relationships , experience sharing of E-Mate contribution on Aceh ,and expertise development

The workshop contains 3 sections . 1st is IT section in which implement free software to local university students and teachers such as Ubuntu , Open office ,GIMP , Google earth . 2nd is Environmental section focus on waste management in Takengon, Central Aceh. 3rd is Culture and innovation section focus on Digital archieve learning which is Gayo traditional performance and Acehness coffee bean fieldtrip.

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