Watershed management workshops

Host: National Association for the Promotion of Community University (NAPCU)
In the following schedule, the activities marked as "WMW" are the series of "Watershed Management Workshops" hosted by NAPCU.
  1. Kaohsiung City river tour, 20 September (Mon)
  2. Meinong river tour, 24 September (Fri)
  3. Hsinchu river tour, 27 September (Mon)
  4. Taichung river tour, 3 October (Sun)
  5. Taipei river tour, 12 October (Tue)

ICOS 2010 

Subject: The open-source technologies for development, Host: Software Liberty Association of Taiwan (SLAT)

  1. 17-19 September (Fri-Sun): International Conference on Open-Source Software (ICOS), Kaohsiung City
  2. 20 September (Mon): (WMW) Kaohsiung City river tour, Kaohsiung City

CMCU workshops

Subject: The "community university movement" in Taiwan (CMCU workshops portal), Host: Chi-Mei Community University (CMCU)
  1. 21 September (Tue): CMCU Workshop: A "farmer's school" - the history and best practices of a community university, Qishan Township, Kaohsiung County
  2. 22 September (Wed): Rest day: Mid-Autumn Festival (Moon Festival), BBQ with local artists
  3. 23 September (Thu): Typhoon Morakok Workshop: The community-based efforts for disaster mitigation and adaptation, Qishan Township, Kaohsiung County
  4. 24 September (Fri): (WMW) Meinong river tour, Meinong Township, Kaohsiung County

BCUA/NCHC workshops

Subject: Engage Taiwan in global citizenship, Hosts: Bamboo Community University Association (BCUA), and National Center for High-Performance Computing (NCHC)
  1. 27 September (Mon): (WMW) Hsinchu river tour: A field trip to study the real examples of local conservation efforts in Hsinchu County by The Society of Wilderness
  2. 28 September (Tue): NCTU Workshop: Collaborative international volunteering - world service learning programs for youth and global communities, Hsinchu City
  3. 30 September (Thu): BCUA Workshop: Community-based development for Saisiyat and Atayal indigenous people, Nanzhuang Township, Miaoli County
  4. 1 October (Fri): Media Interview - NewTalk Net TV: Stories on Indonesian and Belizean NGO leaders
  5. 2 October (Sat): Vist ASUS Foundation: ADOC implementation discussion - ICT for conservation and development, Taipei City
  6. 8 October (Fri): NCHC Workshop: Act for rainforest and orangutan conservation, Hsinchu City
  7. 9 October (Sat): Media Interview: Develop a global partnership for development, Taipei City
  8. 11 October (Mon): NTHU Workshop: Engage Taiwan in global citizenship on agriculture and food security, Hsinchu City

Aceh graduate students workshops

Subject: Study in Taiwan for Aceh, Host: Asia University
  1. 3 October (Sun): (WMW) Taichung river tour, Taichung County and Taichung City
  2. 4 October (Mon): Aceh Workshop: Engage Aceh graduate students in the sustainable development for Aceh, Asia University, Wufeng Township, Taichung County

ADOC Week 2010

Subject: ICT innovations for poverty eradication in Asia-Pacific, Host: APEC Digital Opportunity Center (ADOC 2.0) Program
  1. 5-6 October (Tue-Wed): ADOC Week 2010: ADOC Annual Conference, Taipei City
  2. 7 October (Thu): ADOC tour: Luofu ADOC, Fuxing Township, Taoyuan County

RDCCL/NAPCU workshops

Subject: We need a development leadership program for NGO staff, Hosts: Research and Development Center for Community Learning (RDCCL) at National Chengchi University (NCCU), and National Association for the Promotion of Community University (NAPCU)
  1. 9 October (Sat): Media Interview: Develop a global partnership for development, Taipei City
  2. 11 October (Mon): RDCCL Workshop: Develop the NGO leadership master program at NCCU for world NGO staff, Taipei City
  3. 12 October (Tue): (WMW) Taipei river tour, Taipei City and Taipei County
    1. NAPCU Workshop: Localization and/or internationalization? the next 10 year vision for community universities, Taipei City