Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What's going on with E-Mate 2011. Check it out

On Sunday 24th April 2011 was the centenary anniversary of National Tsing Hua University. NTHU International volunteer from Ghana, Tanzania, Nepal, Indonesia sold some souvernirs for the fundraising.

5th generation of E-Mate sold some Indonesian cuisine such as fried noodles, chilly sauces, snacks and lychee beverages. All of the food was fresh prepared by Taiwanese Students. Two thumbs up for E-Mate

E-Mate team had group discussion and bahasa course weekly. Honda Gan is the teacher for the Bahasa course. He is a cute boy from Malaysia and had joined E-Mate to Aceh for 3 times.

Recently E-Mate volunteer is discussing their program, mission, schedule and the challenges.

New challenges for E-MAte is Ramadhan/ fasting month for Muslim. This could be interesting experiences and new learning for E-Mate, they can observe Muslim in Indonesia pass the fastings and lifehabits.

With "Go green " as E-Mate tagline this year. They will establish recycle station in Sabang and donate dustbins. Instead of doing recycle process, E-Mate will do sweeping around Unsyiah's campus and Sabang city. E-Mate hopes this can be the example for Acehnese people and can attract the mass media. This year, E-MAte will also visit Blangkejeren to make video about Coffee and Gayonese cultures

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