Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Amazing Forum and sharing from Tanzania, Indonesia, Ghana and Nepal

NTHU Overseas Service Learning Program 2011 Review & Prospect Forum
On Sunday (1st May) National Tsing-Hua University hold Overseas Service Learning Program 2011 review & prospect forum which is one of the series activities of CENTENARY CELEBRATION. NTHU invite the local cooperators from 4 international volunteer groups (Nepal, Indonesia, Ghana, and Tanzania) to celebrate the centenary of NTHU together.

The purpose is to give thanks to the cooperators for their kind assistances over the past four years and review the voluntary projects over the past four years with students and foreign partners.

The interaction between students and local cooperators was really enthusiastic. The most interesting question is " which one you prefer if we simply donate all the money to the volunteering country or send the students to serve in your county? " Tanzania cooperators said "send the money to our country is useless, it is better if NTHU students can come to Tanzania and bring the people knowledge, experiences, volunteering experiences and this will teach people the capacity to find their own money"

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