Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Indonesian Culture Exhibiton 2011

Indonesian Culture Exhibition 2011 was held from March 10 th – 11th, 2011 at the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taipei.

The event was organized by Indonesian Student Association at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology ." We want to promote Indonesian Culture to Taiwanese and experience the diversity “said Citra, President of NTUST-ISA. Staged annually, The Exhibition was once again a great success and more exciting, educative and diverse than ever before. More than 1000 visitors attended the fair.

Bamboo Community University Association ( BCUA) as one of Co-Host of the Event presented African Drum performance. Aiming to give visitors cross culture experiences and attract many visitors from different ages. "Even just a short show but visitors can learn how to play a simple song and feel the exciting beats and rhythms of the African Drums" said Nick Lee, BCUA project manager.

BCUA started a strong partnership with Indonesian NGOs and Universities after Aceh Tsunami in 2004. We recruit volunteers from National Chiao Tung University known as I-DO Volunteer Team and National Tsing Hua University known as E-Mate Volunteer Teamto serve in Indonesia. E-Mate team which will go to Aceh this summer 2011 for volunteer project focus on ICT development, Gayonese Culture and Fair Trade Coffee also came to the Exhibition to know more about Indonesia and meet Acehnese student in NTUST. While I-DO which focus on Indonesia rain forest and Orangutan conservation came to the Event for fundraising and try to promote their project in Indonesia.

Traditional dishes, games, cultural wedding dressings and wood cravings as well as household utilities and ornaments were presented in different features. The cultural folk dance accompanying the opening and closing ceremony brought memories for many visitors.

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