Monday, January 3, 2011

Volunteer has no boundary

National Chiao Tung University Service Learning Center offers two international volunteer program to Indonesia and India which will take place in summer 2011. Are you mentally and emotionally ready to challenge yourself in this volunteer program ?

No reason to miss it !!!!
The registration deadline : Jan 28 2011 (Friday )

International Volunteer Preparation
Collaboration and expertise sharing is essential step in training period .Both Team can :
1. Working together in one team
2. Cooperate in Basic Volunteer Training
3. Naluwan Aboriginal Workshop
4. Social learning and community development program
5. Experience sharing from previous volunteer: I-DO , E-Mate , Ghana Team

NCTU Indonesia Volunteer ( I-DO )
Are u ready for the Next I-DO ?
Indonesia Volunteer program is on its second year. The 1st volunteer took place 15 July -29 July 2010 which 12 volunteers from NCTU held a camp in Bukit Lawang, Indonesia. The name of the camp is I-DO CAMP which merges Information , Digital and Orangutan . We hope to empower the local community to use technology to further ecotourism. Sustainable tourism is crucial to the wellbeing of the local ecosystem and community, providing an alternative to unsustainable logging and palm oil plantations.

The first Indonesian Volunteer program ran successful under the collaboration of BCUA , OIC and NCTU. Meanwhile The second volunteer program to Indonesia is mainly focus on ecotourism promotion , renewable energy program , community empowerment . It's particularly important in Bukit Lawang because many of Sumatra’s critically endangered orangutans live here, including some that have been rehabilitated and returned to the wild. The park forms part of Gunung Leuser National Park, recognized by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve and World Heritage Site, which holds the dubious nickname of “Last Stand of the Orangutan.”

Check it out what they said about Volunteering

NCTU India Volunteer
What can volunteer do for Jamyang School Ladakh ,India ?

India is the new international program and focus more on education and environmental improvement. It’s located in Jamyang School Ladakh , India . Jamyang school is remote area in Himalayan areas. All admitted children come from the poorest families of the villages with predominantly difficult family backgrounds: divorced family , orphan , unemployment family and society who live in poverty.
After completi
ng their studies, these women will serve as teachers, health care workers, community workers, and mentors to others. They will create similar study programs in their homelands and other needy areas. They will be able to help their people and help revitalize their special cultural heritage.


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