Monday, January 10, 2011

Another story of Synic Mj

Another story of Synic Mj , The Vice Director Of BCUA who has been working in NGO for 11 years and actively engage in relevant field such as E-Mate volunteer team , environmental issues and community development program . In October 2010 , Synic got the opportunity from MOFA Taiwan to do internship in Sumatran Orangutan Society (SOS) in England

Helen Buckland (Left ) , Synic Mj (Right)
Synic was impressed a lot by the lovely Bruce - 8 years old rescued dog

The most special point that Synic found out from SOS was that their operation expense is mostly generated from fundraising and sponsorship . For instance 2010 Elephant Parade
which was the biggest public art exhibition ever to be staged in London , to raise funds for the conservation of Asian elephants. Orangutans and elephants face the same fate from the destruction of the Sumatran rainforest

Indeed , I was impressed by audience’s enthusiasm and curiosity during 90 minutes Synic’s experience sharing . She also found that Taiwan also has successfully raise fund for disabled people . You can see almost every corner of Taiwan convenience store provides charity box to help disabled people . In the future , Synic hope that Taiwan can also raise fundraising program to save endangered species .

Here are some debatable questions from audience
1. Does this fundraising program pays off ? Do Indonesian local government really cares about this conservation projects issues ?
2. How can SOS successfully raise public awareness of the endangered species threats and assure the local society that this fund go to the right place ?

I must say this program is worth going !! Can you imagine what happens if rainforest gone? You no longer can smell the fresh oxygen. My opinion on 2nd question is : you must have good public awareness power , you can use media mass to make your voice heard. Make society aware of the power they have to make a difference. what we can do to take action on the issue.

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