Sunday, January 16, 2011

Local Community Development

Meeting on 香山project picture

It’s almost 3 weeks I have been working in BCUA starting from 28dec 2010 . Many new things happen around luckily I can easily adapt to my working environment of course with support from colleagues. 3 weeks pass superb fast !! On Monday , 10 Jan 2011 we had meeting in香山church , Hsinchu . The Keynote speech was given by Synic Mj. Her presentation gives description of BCUA New Project focusing on香山Community Development .

One of Taiwan indigenous people , Naluwan Amis Tribe (那魯彎) who lives in XiangShan area (香山) is facing culture changes and environmental pollution issues . Is it fair thatHsinchu Science Park which is now one of the world's most significant areas for semiconductor manufacturing has enjoyed the fastest growing economic profit while the indigenous people have suffered from various forms of pollution ?

Most of the Industrial waste will end up in the river and waterland (
香山溼地) where the Amis lives.The Amis are primarily fishermen due to their coastal location . “ Past industrial pollution data and research paper about (Xiang Shan waterland)香山溼地will be valuable to move forward “ said Prof Lee from Humanity and Social Science department in National Tsing Hua University

I strongly believe that the damage that will occur in certain areas will have an impact not only to the local community, but Taiwan as a whole, because that is the law of nature. People in big cities in Taiwan, should be able to see this as a threat that can suppress the identity of Taiwan. It is clear that present generations is forgetting that what now exists is borrowing from future generations

We hope that this program will open the eyes of the Taiwan government and see the strengths and efforts of local communities in protecting their assets, develop the understanding that the indigenous people of Taiwan for the sake of future generations in Taiwan too .

Look at the beauty of Amis indigenous


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