Monday, October 11, 2010

Taiwan Higher Education Fair 2010

On Saturday 09 October 2010 The Taiwan Higher Education Fair 2010 was held. Located at the Academic Activity Center, Dayan Dawood Syiah Kuala University in Aceh, Indonesia. About 88 Taiwanese representatives from 38 top universities in Taiwan include The Ministry of education of Taiwan and also from the Elite Study in Taiwan (ESIT) came to Aceh to promote universities in Taiwan to the Aceh people.

The event was opened by the Secretary of the Government of Aceh. The exhibition visited by people of Aceh consisting of students, university students, lecturers and the civil society. The exhibition was held just one day and visited by thousands of people of Aceh. The visitors were enthusiastic to visit the exhibition. Until two o'clock almost the entire brochures in the university stands run out, the visitors brought it as much as they could. Most of the visitors asked about the programs offered at each university and also about scholarships provided by universities or local government. There was a father who came to one of the university stand and said "I am asking this information is not for me but for my child who could not come here."

Most of the visitors that came from university in Aceh such as lecturers or students, they already had a target which one of the university in Taiwan will be the place to continue their studies, they choose based on the field that they are focus on or based on the scholarship that offered by the university or based on the number of Indonesian students that studying in the university. However, all of the universities attract the visitors, seems like the visitors want to study in every university in Taiwan.

This exhibition is the first exhibition held in Aceh and even Indonesia. After promote their universities in Aceh the group of Taiwan will go to Jakarta to hold a similar exhibition at two different universities on Java Island. "We only have opportunity to stay for 8 days in Indonesia, after that we will come back to Taiwan. But we are very pleased to visit and stay for several days in Aceh, we hope we have a chance to visit Aceh again, and see beautiful places in Aceh "said Annabel, that come from Kaohsiung Medical University.

We hope that this exhibition is held annually every year and increase every year, such as the number of universities that promote in Aceh will increase and also we hope universities from other countries also promote in Aceh so that the people of Aceh could choose any university to continue their studies. So it will be more and more people of Aceh could get better education, this is a long-term investment for the government of Aceh, and this is the real thing done by developed countries to save and create the next generation to lead their country.

As a committee, author wants to say a big thank you to the Taiwan government for the good cooperation and hopefully this cooperation will continue in the future. Author also expects the group from Taiwan enjoyed their visit to Aceh and Indonesia, hopefully the Taiwanese not only know about Bali Island but also Aceh will be the destination for Taiwanese and foreign tourists in the future. These visits also prove to the international that Aceh Province is safe and comfortable to visit by anyone.


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