Friday, October 1, 2010

Move forward to the third day on duty in SOS

Since I know I will have a chance to pass the evaluation of MOFA program supporting senior Taiwan NGO leaders to have internship abroad, I am quite excited and really wanna grap the chance and go for it. Even it is quite funny that last time Mulyadi Pasaribu of OIC asked my "do I need to have an internship at my age ?", I am very happy to keep on learning at my age. :P

What I am impressed on SOS'work is that they're really good at using Web 2.0 applications Blogger, Facebook and twitter to outreach the public, from which foundraise and support field work of rainforest and orangutan conservation in Sumatra.

Due to my discussion with Helen, I will organize some major parts of the tasks, including literature review of SOS newspapers and publications, research topics on comparison of foundrasing and CSR models with particular case study of companies and NGOs between UK and Taiwan and program planning for events.

You could take look at aforementioned parts in details below or click on this Google Docs link.

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