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NCHC Internship Report Week 2: September 27th – October 1st 2010

National Center for High-Performance Computing (NCHC) 
Hsinchu City, Taiwan

Basic Information:
  • Name: Mulyadi Pasaribu
  • Intern Organization: National Center for High-Performance Computing (NCHC)
  • Advisors: Wei-Ping Jia: CEO of BCUA, Chia-Chen Kuo: Associate Research Scientist of NCHC, Steven Shiau: Associate Research Scientist of NCHC, Panut Hadisiswoyo: Founding Director of OIC
  • Supervisors: Ceasar Sun, Jazz Wang and Thomas Tsai from the Free Software Lab, NCHC
  • Service Period: September 27th – October 1st 2010

Weekly Report:

Daily Log
Time In
08.50 AM
09.05 AM
09.00 AM
09.00 AM
08.55 AM
Time Out
05.30 PM
05.30 PM
05.30 PM
05.20 PM
05.10 PM

Scheduled Activities:
  1. 09/27: Shell, Cron, OSI, TCP/IP, Interfaces, DNS, Route, Gateway, Network Problem 1
  2. 09/28: Shell, Cron, OSI, TCP/IP, Interfaces, DNS, Route, Gateway, Network Problem 2
  3. 09/29: Deb, DHCP Server, Log Files
  4. 09/30: DRBL Software
  5. 10/01: Self Learning: DRBL Software
    My Internship Room and Equipment ;)

    Mr. Thomas Tsai... My Mentor during the Internship. He's a Linux Geek ^_*

    Assignment: -

    Self Note:
    1. 09/27: I started the second week of my internship in NCHC with more passion. I really understand that my mission visiting Taiwan and doing internship in NCHC is to get some knowledge that hopefully can be implemented in the OIC project I currently managed in Bukit Lawang and Tangkahan, Indonesia. The project that I mean is CDOC (Conservation and Digital Opportunity Centre).
      On the first day of the second week (September 27th), I learn about Shell, Cron, OSI, TCP/IP, Interfaces, DNS, Route, Gateway, Network Problem. Mr. Thomas gave brief knowledge about each part and I also use the Linux System Administration book to know more about the meaning and complete description of every words that I learn today.
      To make me feel familiar with Linux administration, Mr. Thomas always explain and give the example of each lesson using terminal and if we need to editing some file, he always using the Vi software. Slowly but sure I also know how to use command in terminal and know how to find some information if the command we write on terminal didn't work. I also started to use the Vi software more often if I want to edit something in Linux.
    2. 09/28: On the 2nd day of the 2nd week of internship on NCHC (September 28th), I didn't learn anything new, I only repeating what I've learn so far. On this day, beside repeating the lesson I learn from previous day, I also try to updating the wiki site on The actual link to the wiki that I want to create can be found on but so far I didn't fill any content yet except an about page of the wiki.
    3. 09/29: On this day (September 29th), my boss Mr. Panut Hadisiwoyo also join me to the NCHC office. He want to see how's NCHC and my internship work there. If possible he also wish to meet Ms. Chia-Chen Kuo and Mr. Steven Shiau.
      We arrive at NCHC before 09.00 AM and I decided to ask to the receptionist whether he can also come and stay at the room where I placed during the internship for this day. Carol, one of NCHC staff come and help us to deal with the receptionist and he also help us to arrange the meeting between Mr. Panut Hadisiswoyo with Ms. Chia-Chen Kuo. 
      On this day the planned lesson for me is about Deb, DHCP Server and Log Files but this lesson has been described on some previous day during the internship so we didn't do specific learn about the scheduled lesson for today. 
      On this day, Mr. Thomas gave me new set of PC that will be used on the next day lesson where the lesson is about DRBL (Diskless Remote Boot in Linux) software. He gave me some website links about DRBL and ask me to read and learn about the DRBL software and how to install it on the computer. When Mr. Thomas come to the room, I also introduce him to my boss and identify him as my mentor during my internship in NCHC.
    4. 09/30: This day (September 30th) is one of my best lesson during the internship on NCHC. I learn about an open source software that build and compiled by the NCHC staff. The software name is DRBL.
      I stated the lesson I learn this day as one of my best lesson because I know that I can implement the DRBL software to be used in CDOC. When I go back to Indonesia I will surely try to use the DRBL software to be used and implemented and first time it will be installed on CDOC Tangkahan. 
      Mr. Thomas teach me step by step so I know how to install the DRBL software both for server and for clients. The step by step process of installing this software is quite complicated but I try my best to remind all of the process because I know by using this kind of software, we can save money and inventory if we plan to build an ICT center just like the CDOC. 
    5. 10/01: This is the last day of my 2nd week doing internship on NCHC (October 1st). On this day Mr. Thomas didn't come to the office so I must learn by my self. What I do this day is trying to repeat the long process of installing the DRBL server and client.

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