Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Jane Goodall Institute Taiwan Analysis

1. Background

JGI had established the Taiwan branch in 1996 which is the 19th branch in Asia. The most significant achievement has made is that JGI Taiwan have invited JG to Taiwan over 10 times and facilitate more than 500 "Roots & Shoots" school groups in Taiwan.

According to the mandarin title of JGI Taiwan, 國際珍古德教育及保育協會中華民國總會 is a NGO rather than a foundation which is stipulated by a more accountable law in Taiwan.

2. Fundraising and Sponsorship Models

Jane Goodall is very famous in Taiwan, so it is smart to invite her once a year for 3-4 days to raise funds and public awareness.

During JG's stay in Taiwan, she will join the fundraising party, Zoos visit, the Wild Make-Up Parade, "Roots & Shoots" groups meetings, deliver speeches in schools and universities, and visit to the indigenous tribe which has built up relationship with her for a long time.

Some income of JGI Taiwan is from membership and there are 3 kinds of them, individual member (20 pounds/year), student member (10 pounds/year) and group member (100 pounds/year). Like most charities, they also sell merchandise including JG's books, calendar, VCD/DVD, children's book, T-shirts, and etc.

There are many company donors, according to the website, however I don't actually know to what companies have gave. This kind of CSR could be very bluffing in Taiwan. Sometimes companies just support their service or product once to us and we could put their logo or links in the CSR page for a long time.

JGI Taiwan mentions in website that most of their funding raised will be used to support "Roots & Shoots" program, which is a humanitarian and conservation education program, rather than JGI's field work in Africa or academic research in Chimpanzees.

E-funding system is not popular in Taiwan, only transferring money or faxing the credit card info allowed to make a donation as mentioned in JGI Taiwan's website.

3. Communication and Outreach

Facebook and Blog which are not well organized and active.

There are 3 kinds of newsletter in the website, including news about environment and eco-life which most is quotation of JG's books or speeches or citation of environment news in Taiwan's newspaper, news about "Green Thumb" Program and "Roots & Shoots" Program.

4. Conclusion

According to the mandarin title of JGI Taiwan, it is the branch of JGI as a legal NGO. In Taiwan, registered NGOs and foundations are allowed to receive donation and sell merchandise to the public.

For JGI Taiwan, their public awareness is not limited to Chimpanzee issues but also the wild and environmental conservation practice in schools and communities. It's a broader and more acceptable advocacy in Taiwan since that Chimpanzee is not a native spice and Taiwan people will doubt that why makes donation to support the program in Africa.

As you can see that the JGI Taiwan's target audience is the "young people" mainly in primary schools and they facilitate young people with the "Roots & Shoots" Program.

With a cross analysis with JGI 2008 Annual Report, JGI 2007 Annual Report, and JGI 2006 Annual Report, I think JGI Taiwan doesn't contribute a lot to the headquater and most of Taiwan raising funding supports the "Roots & Shoots" programs and office administration fee.

5. Further studies

  1. The legal environment of NGOs and Foundations in Taiwan.
  2. The fundraising models of NGOs and Foundations in Taiwan
  3. Taiwan INGOs and their management and fundraising models.

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