Wednesday, October 6, 2010

ADOC 2.0 Workshop, 1st Day

Start from 9:30 AM, ADOC 2.0 workshop formally began. This is Such an honor to us to be the participant for this workshop. The event was opened by the Deputy General Director, Bureau of Foreign Trande, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Mr Chun-Fu Chang.After welcome ceremony, the event continued with the presentation of the various success stories and ideas associated with the presence of ADOC in various countries. With all due respect to other speakers, I was more focused attention to the speaker from Chung Yuan University, DR. Vandi Liu, who discussed the Small Medium Enterprise, Mr. George Wang that discussed the Digital Mobile Classroom, Dr sera. Ajith Kumar (India) are stunning workshop participants with the Phoenix project.

From Dr. Vandi Liu, I saw how ICT can bring such a big influence on the development of SMEs. Digitalization is accompanied by assistance tirelessly against the perpetrators of SMEs, are able to transform an ordinary farmer to farmer example and pass on the benefits of ICT to the perpetrators of other SMEs.

Mr. George Wang, provide a solution to me about the exact same needs with the aim of creation of the DMC. Yes, a mobile classroom unit that is able to visit students to locations that are geographically constrained. It is suitable to the conditions in Aceh, where many areas are constrained by geographical conditions. By using the DMC, then the kids in remote areas no longer need to spend time with a walk for hours leading to a training center (if any) but we will come to them. Personally I hope to be able to get the opportunity to apply DMC in Aceh.
Dr. Ajith Kumar, gave a very inspiring presentation, open the eyes that computers not only for typing, facebook, but can be explored again more broadly to support a variety of functions. In his presentation, he explained about the his Phoenix project, a project that produces multi-function measuring instrument for various needs ranging sound waves to electrical waves. Even more interesting, all the work he is a work licensed under the GNU GPL, so is open to anyone who would like to develop and cheap!Very useful for junior high students, high school or those who tertatik in the field of physics. Phoenix Applications was built using python programming language on Debian system.

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