Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Why bother with frogs crossing the roads?

Some have not yet realised that frogs are important to human beings. Frogs eat insects, some of which are serious pests in some regions. Frogs are also part of the ecosystem which means that whatever happens to them will affect other animals and even us in different ways. We are all connected in the web of life.

Based on this understanding, The Society of Wilderness in Hsinchu County initiated to mobilise local community volunteers to rescue frogs crossing the roads in Neiwan river. These frogs started mating for breeding from September to November each year and thus local volunteers make efforts to prevent the frogs being run over by motorists by stopping motorists to slow down their speed and catch some frogs barred by river wall built by local county government. After they catch the frogs, volunteers release them into the river ad allow the frogs to roam freely in river ecosystem and lay their eggs for breeding. This cause has been underway for some years and education programme in local schools to promote the importance of frog protection from extinction have been underway administered by the Society of Wilderness in Hsinchu county. In the future, it was suggested by NGO Leader Forum, sponsored by Research and Development Center for Community Learning (RDCCL) at NCCU, who visited the project site, that frog crossing signs need to be built in road areas used by frogs to cross t the river. More campaign at national level is also encouraged to bring the cause more widely in Taiwan.

Every creature have a reason to live and therein has an important role to sustain the ecosystem. Efforts by Society of Wilderness to save the frogs from further harmful road incident contribute greatly to promote viable ecosystem that is currently affected by global climate change. We deeply hope this effort will inspire all younger generations to be more concerned about our environment and everyone in the community regardless their age and nationality hold the responsibility to practice positive behaviours that benefit the environment and the ecosystems. Lets do it now or we lose our nature!

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