Thursday, September 30, 2010

As an intern, my encounter to SOS UK Headquarter

NGO Leaders' Forum's realm not limited in Taiwan but also a BCUA woman retreat from Taiwan to UK for bridging up cooperation and learning the expertise of foundrasing and communication and outreach from SOS, the headquarter of our partner OIC.

Arriving in UK late night on 26 Sept, spending 2 days to explore survival ways including transportation and communication with Taiwan in Oxford, I finally had an encounter with SOS crews on 29 Sept. The office inside of the historical Old Music Hall, located in Cowley Road, shared space on 2nd flood with NGOs like COIN and Echo, is a lovely and comfortable place for me to stay.

There are four members in the office. Helen Buckland who is the SOS UK Director always smiles and has the patience to listen and exchanges ideas with me. Claire is the new editor and journalist of the SOS newspaper JungleVine only for 2 months with abundant experience in NGO field. Bruce is the only male member for 8 years old and follows us everywhere we go. As the fourth member, I have discussed with Helen my tasks hoping to meet mutual needs of SOS and my organization BCUA, also witnessed many interesting coming events and look forward to start my study and research topics about foundrasing and CSR here.

The SOS Office is inside of the historical Old Music Hall and beside it is the George & Delila's Cafe (G & D) which is the best place for me to enjoy free Wifi, handmade ice cream and pizza bagel.

Bruce lies on a personal pad, and behind him is his panda friend.

Helen, Clair and me have lunch together in Cape of Good Hope in Cowley Road.

30 Sept is a sunshine day to take pictures. This beautiful Cathedral is located in the corner of SOS office

This is the East Oxford Community Center broadcasting many social activities like dance or fitness sports for people to join.

Greek, Indian, Chinese, Cambodia, Thailand, Sri Lanka shops even a Lan Kwai Fong (蘭桂坊) here makes Cowley Road more multi ethical and cultural than other area I have been in Oxford. The grocery store with colourful painting wall attracts walking people's eyes.

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