Tuesday, September 28, 2010

NCHC Internship Report Week 1 September 21st – September 24th 2010

National Center for High-Performance Computing (NCHC) 
Hsinchu City, Taiwan

Basic Information:
  • Name: Mulyadi Pasaribu
  • Intern Organization: National Center for High-Performance Computing (NCHC)
  • Advisors: Wei-Ping Jia: CEO of BCUA, Chia-Chen Kuo: Associate Research Scientist of NCHC, Steven Shiau: Associate Research Scientist of NCHC, Panut Hadisiswoyo: Founding Director of OIC
  • Supervisors: Ceasar Sun, Jazz Wang and Thomas Tsai from the Free Software Lab, NCHC
  • Service Period: September 21st – September 24th 2010

Weekly Report:

Daily Log
09/21/10 09/22/10 09/23/10 09/24/10
Time In 08.30 AM Holiday 09.05 AM 08.55 AM
Time Off 05.30 PM Holiday 05.30 PM 05.30 PM

  • 09/21: Introduction about NCHC and going around the office to see the facilities, Linux basic learning (installation, user management and file system)
  • 09/23: Linux Network and Configuration, Poedit Software, Vi Software, Wikispace website
  • 09/24: Self learning
NCHC Office

NCHC Office

Assignment: 09/21: Translate Partclone Software to Bahasa Indonesia

Self Note:

On the 1st day, I arrive at NCHC at 08.35 AM. Actually I've arrive at 08.10 but I decided to wait outside the NCHC office and see the area around NCHC and also see the rush that happen on the street. I'm going to NCHC from homestay by walking and it need more than 50 minutes of time. I leave the homestay before 07.00 and walking through NTHU and NCTU before finally arrive at NCHC. I know the NCHC office and the route for walking from the I-DO Volunteer (NCTU) member at the night before I beginning my internship.

Mr. Steven warmly welcomed me on the 1st day of internship, we are having short discussion and he reveal the free software lab room, then Mr. Thomas take me going around to see the facilities available in NCHC. After lunch Mr. Thomas provide me lesson and knowledge about linux basic. I learn a lot of commands used in Linux and this is one of my personal point of interest during this internship. Now I know how to install a software, add or delete user using the command in Terminal.

On the 2nd day, I learn much commands about Linux Network and Configuration. Mr. Thomas also ask me to extend my knowledge by reading and implementing some information found on the “Linux System Administration” book from the NCHC library. I think this book really useful for me and in the future if I go back to Indonesia, I will try to found and buy the book in Bahasa.

On the 2nd day I also learn how to use a software named Poedit for translating a language used in Partclone software. This is my first assignment from NCHC, to translate the Parclone language that already supported 3 languages, English, Mandarin and French into Bahasa Indonesia. Actually this assignment already given on the first day but I got the files to be translated on the 2nd day. So, after lunch I try to translate the file and at the end of the 2nd day I've finished my translation as the words need to be translated not so much. But to make sure that my translation is work, I plan to recheck and finalized the translation on the next day.

I also learn on how to use Vi for editing a file if we lost our interface. The display I saw when using this software for editing file is not so different with what I found when using the linux terminal.

On the 2nd day I also trying a web service for creating a wiki site. The service can be found on http://www.wikispaces.com/. I didn't try all of the features yet but from the first impression I thought that the dashboard of the wikispaces quite simple easy to navigate and easy to use. I'll try to fill some information on the wiki site each day and will report the progress each week starting from next week report.

Friday, September 24th is my third day doing internship at NCHC and on this date I doing self learning because Mr. Thomas going to Ubuntu Hadware Summit (UHS) Conference. On this 3rd day, I try to repeat the knowledge I got so far and I also rechecked the translation of the Partclone Software in Bahasa Indonesia.

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